Stand up

How many times did your mother tell you growing up, “cheaters never prosper”?    Apparently and thankfully none of our mothers ever knew Bill Belichick, Tom Brady or Bob Kraft.

The Asterisk Project is a national grassroots campaign with a goal having ten million people sign a petition urging the NFL and Commissioner Goodell to place an asterisk in the record book next to all the Patriot victories, accomplishments and records achieved during the Brady/Bellichick/Kraft era noting they happened in an era when the team was known to have cheated on multiple occasions in different ways.

Please help us advance the Asterisk Project in three ways:

  1. Donate a few bucks – We can reach our goal and allow us to conduct a nationwide campaign and petition drive with five million Patriot skeptics giving us $2 a piece or ten of Kraft’s fellow NFL owners giving us a million dollars apiece.  I’d say the likelihood of the latter happening is extremely slim so I’m hoping we end up with you someplace in the middle.  Use our secure website to donate to the Asterisk Project with a credit or debit card at or go to our Go Fund Me page at if you are more comfortable donating there.   When you give, please remember unless we keep this story alive it will simply fade away like punishment for deflategate did.  All donations will be used on the campaign to get petition signatures and raise public awareness.  Any leftover funds will be donated to youth football sportsmanship causes.
  2. Sign the petition so we can reach our goal of ten million fans expressing themselves to Commissioner Goodell.
  3. Share the campaign with your friends and family.


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